Price Increase

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that we are unfortunately having to increase the price of our products. The good news is that since we still have limited stock, the price increase of 9%on all our items will not be put into effect until July 1st, 2021. Best Sheet Metal Inc. has tried to prevent this increase because we want to provide our products at a fair price to our customers. Compared to other sinks sold by other brands of like build and material, we are well under 50% of their list price. This provides you, our customer, with the best material sinks at the best price possible.

This increase is due to the general increase in costs as you might be already aware, for raw materials, manufacturing, packaging materials and transportation.

Best Sheet Metal Inc. is committed to offering you the quality you expect and deserve. We have found away to minimize the price increase to the least possible amount while still achieving our desired goals. All orders made before June 31st will be honored with the current price, so we highly encourage you to order soon to take advantage of this.

Best Sheet Metal Inc. greatly appreciates your continued business and support through this time of growth and change. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this price increase, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our team is more than happy to discuss this situation with  you.


The Best Sheet Metal, Inc. Team