Shipping Outside of US


We do ship to Canada! Shipping to Canada has a shipping fee of $150.00 for the qualifying item. BSM DOES NOT PROVIDE CUSTOMS BROKERS. It is the customer's responsibility to provide and contact their own customs broker.

We offer free shipping to and forwarding company. If your company has one, we will waive the shipping fee. Please contact us at (909) 397-8816 to waive your fee.


We do not directly ship to Guam. If you have a shipment going out to Guam, we provide you with free shipping to your forwarding company. BSM is only responsible for the shipment until it gets to the forwarding company. If there is any damage sustained on the freight from the forwarding company to Gaum, BSM is not responsible. 

Other Countries

We do not provide shipping anywhere outside of the US or Canada. We do provide free shipping to any forwarding company inside the US, provided the item ordered qualifies for free shipping. 


Best Sheet Metal, Inc. DOES NOT provide any order with a customs broker. It is the customer's responsibility to reach out to their customs broker to inform them of the order. Best Sheet Metal does provide the order with a NAFTA Certification and Commercial Invoice if it is shipping outside of the US.