About Us

Best Sheet Metal, Inc. is an NSF and ETL approved fabricator. We started over 25 years ago with the determination, responsibility and hard work needed to last in the fabrication of stainless steel commercial equipment business. We believe in quality, specially the quality of an USA made product. 
Today, we continue to help designers, architects, developers, restaurant- owners, plumbers and contractors, to resolve problems with hygiene, aesthetics and space in their construction projects. These problems are frequently encountered in  areas such as kitchens, restrooms etc. for restaurants, production plants, hospitals, schools, and other places. We work with small and big businesses and Best Sheet Metal, Inc is always helping its clients to meet their due dates with a fast service and delivery.
We are fabricators of custom-made equipment which we help to design adapting the products to the space, size and needs of the project.
Our standard  equipment includes  single and multi-station hand-wash sinks, floor sinks, regular mop sink and we have created and enclosed-mop-sink that help to keep the area dry and clean. 
If your project is a restaurant, check our products such as salsa bars, steam tables, work tables, broilers, tumbler which marinates up to 200 pounds of chicken, broilers, chef units, drive-through counters,  equipment stands and more.
We also fabricate equipment to meet the requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
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