About Us

Our Story

Starting in 1992, a husband and wife duo decided to start a stainless steel company focusing directly on making custom stainless steel counters and hoods for restaurants. Shortly after, the duo decided to integrate commercial sinks to their line of work, and thus the BSMSS sinks were born. 

The family wanted these sinks to have the highest quality possible to ensure they would last a lifetime. They crafted their sinks and developed their production process in which all sinks are made by hand, quality inspected at each step of production and highly protected at shipping. 

Today, the company is still making high-quality stainless steel commercial sinks and has built a loyal customer base with customers who trust BSMSS will deliver an exceptional product. Our unique designs ensure durability and sturdiness, as our sinks have proven the test of time. BSM has added the ability to customize any sink, making sure the customer finds exactly what they need. 

Our Mission

Best Sheet Metal strives to deliver the highest quality of sinks at the highest quality of service. Building fixtures that last a lifetime is our goal.  


Best Sheet Metal, Inc. manufactures all sinks in Pomona, California. All sinks are NSF and ETL approved.