Single Pedal Valve Installation


Installation on walls with backing of plywood, wood, sheet metal, wood studs or metal studs. (Also, you can install on concrete or block wall)

(1) Wall clips installation

Begin installing the sink by marking where the wall clips will be anchored to the wall. Measure 45-7/8” height from the finished floor. For reference, the wall clips should be installed 1/8” lower than the actual sink height (46”). When installed, the sink should measure 46” from the top of the back splash to the finished floor.

Note: All anchoring clips should be horizontally leveled. See picture” A” for reference.



The brackets at floor for mounting valves are mounted for illustration and they must be well tied by contractor.


Notes Height from finished floor is 46” for the REGULAR sink with a 10” back splash.

The rim or counter of sink is 36” from finished floor, the column has at the superior side slots for easy leveling of the sink

For best results, install backing at wall: 5/8” or thicker plywood; 14-gauge galvanized sheet metal or wood blockings.